Our Mission

Maendeleo Foundation is committed to the self-reliance of disadvantaged talent, both children and (young) adults, in the Mombasa, Kenya region. We create an environment in which people themselves can structurally improve their living conditions – and that of their family and community.

The Board

Maendeleo has 6 board members. Do you want to know more about their background and additional position (s)? Then click on the name.

Thea Thijssen, voorzitter
Willem Zweers, secretaris
Roel Sleenhof, penningmeester
Rob Jansen van den Berg, bestuurslid
Helga Uiterwijk, bestuurslid
Birgit van Heerde, bestuurslid

The board receives no remuneration for its work. However, board members can reimburse any expenses.

Accountability: plans and annual reports

Maendeleo Foundation has the ANBI status and is a recognized charity (CBF). We therefore meet strict requirements and report annually. Read more >>