Maendeleo Foundation is registered by ANBI (tax regulation for charities) and is an approved charity. This means that we meet strict quality requirements. CBF supervisor checks this. Want to know more about the quality requirements and the control by the CBF? Go to the CBF website here.

Contact details

Maendeleo Foundation
Oude Vischmarkt 9
The Netherlands

Telefoonnummer: 06-51854878

KvK nr.: 62350390
RSIN: 854781730

Recognized by ANBI since 15th December 2014.

ANBI | Stichting Maendeleo for brighter futures

What is the Recognition?
The Recognition is the quality mark for charities issued by the CBF, Charity Supervisor in The Netherlands.  With the Recognition, organizations show that they meet strict quality requirements. For larger organizations, of course, different requirements apply than for smaller ones. You can give to a Recognized Charity because you can assume that the organization actually contributes to a better world, handles every euro with care, is accountable and can be independently audited.

Transparency at a glance: The CBF Approval Passport
The CBF Recognition Passport displays the most important information from a Recognized Charity in an unambiguous and neutral way. So transparency at a glance. The passport contains both qualitative information about the objectives and activities of the organization and financial key figures. The latter have been validated by the CBF. You can view our CBF Approval Passport via this banner (unfortunately it is only in the Dutch language).

Project Port Reitz School | Stichting Maendeleo

Accountability: plans & annual reports

Our strategy plans, budget and annual reports you can download here (only Dutch).

Do you want more information? Please contact us:

Strategy plan 2018-2020

Budget 2018 (in Dutch)
Budget 2017 (in Dutch)

Annual Report 2017 (in Dutch)
Annual Report 2016 (in Dutch) 
Annual Report  2015 (in Dutch)


  • Willem Zweers
    Willem Zweers Secretary
  • Birgit van Heerde
    Birgit van Heerde Board Member
  • Helga Uiterwijk
    Helga Uiterwijk Board Member
  • Thea Thijssen
    Thea Thijssen Chair
  • Roel Sleenhof
    Roel Sleenhof Treasurer
  • Rob Jansen van den Berg
    Rob Jansen van den Berg Board Member