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Kenya Care offers HIV-positive mothers and fathers a new future. Their diagnosis feels like a death sentence. Not only they themselves, but also their children are rejected by the environment, have to leave home and hearth. Kenya Care teaches them to cope with their illness, works on their self-esteem and on providing for their own necessities of life.

Kenya Care works with self-help groups. Each group has around 20-25 mothers and fathers. They each have 3, 4 or 5 children. They do not help by just giving them money, but by teaching them how to build a life for themselves. Independent and full of confidence. More than 100 families have already completed the program in recent years; most with success!

Kenya Care provides information about hygiene, nutrition, medicine use and family planning

And offers a new social network, ┬áthe “Kenya Care family”. The women are also coached, both individually and in the group. During the four-year program, Kenya Care also pays school fees and additional costs, such as uniforms and shoes for primary education of the children.

In addition, the participants learn how they themselves can generate their own income.

Kenya Care supports them with setting up their own business. For this, they provide interest-free micro loans of 50 to 250 euros. At the same time, the women learn to save and plan. The total program lasts 4 years. After that the women can continue independently. Read more about this project >>

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