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New Teaching Method for Port Reitz School

At the Port  Reitz school a new teaching method has been introduced by Maendeleo: the “Learning for Everyone” (L4E) method. This method is based on the ideas of psychologist professor Feuerstein ( 1921-2014) and focuses specifically on people with a disability or development delay. The development possibilities of the individual are central to this.
Last year we met the Engels family of the PIT (Personal Integration Therapy). They have developed this method. Since more than half of the pupils at Port Reitz School have a learning disability we were very interested to introduce this method in the school. We have started with 26 children in class 1, 2 and 3 and the results after 2 semesters are very promising. In the coming year we will expand the method to the other classes of Port Reitz School.

Port Reitz Special School, Mombasa

One of our focus points is education. A high percentage of children from disadvantaged families do not go to school. Disabilities are often considered a wrath of God. Therefor disabled children are often hidden, rather than money spent on. That is why we support Port Reitz Special School.
Port Reitz School is an integrated boarding school. The school as around 260 children, of which around 180 are handicapped (physically or mentally or both). Around 80 children are from the surrounding slums and would otherwise not go to school at all.
Maendeleo supports this school in several ways but mostly with nutrition and improvement of education.

Kenya Care

Kenya Care offers HIV positive mothers and fathers a new future. Their diagnose feels like a death sentence. Not only they themselves but also their children are abandoned by their community and society, and have to leave house and hearth. We teach them how to live and deal with their disease, work on their self-esteem and providing for their own basic needs


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