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At the Port  Reitz school a new teaching method has been introduced by Maendeleo: the “Learning for Everyone” (L4E) method. This method is based on the ideas of psychologist professor Feuerstein ( 1921-2014) and focuses specifically on people with a disability or development delay. The development possibilities of the individual are central to this.

According to Feuerstein, learning barriers are starting points – no ceilings that impede further development.  He puts the importance of the development of thinking and learnings skills first. His method assumes that people must be equipped with skills that enable them to select relevant information, make choices and argue, and solve problems.

This is an interesting method for the Port Reitz school, since more than half of the pupils (also) have an intellectual disability. At the end of February, we took 4 teachers to  a two-day workshop to familiarize them with the method. This workshop was given by the family Engels of the Dutch foundation PIT (Personal Integration Therapy). They have worked the method out for practical use  and developed a series of learning tools.

With permission from PIT the teachers started to implement the L4E method in class 1, 2 and 3 of the school right after attending the training workshop.

Furthermore Maendeleo has hired an extra teacher per the 1st of May who has already worked with this method for several years. Her name is Monica Owiti.

The results after teaching the method for 6 months are very promising.  In the coming year we will expand this teaching method to the other classes of Port Reitz School.

Maendeleo’s aim is to eventually roll out “Learning for Everyone”  to other schools in the region.

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